Signal Timings 2009

Date: Tuesday, May 19 and Thursday, May 21

Agenda:  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (same time each day)

Sponsor: KYSITE and Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Traffic Engineering

Location: LFUCG Division of Traffic Engineering / 3rd Floor / Phoenix Building / 101 East Vine Street / Lexington KY 40507

PDH: Attendees will receive 1.5 PDH / CEU for participation per session.


Cost: $10 / session per Member; $15 / session per Non-Member (includes refreshments). If you attend both, we will give a $5 discount.  Payment can be made at the door or using Paypal below.

Description: There are two web seminars that will be hosted – one each day.

1 — (May 19) SIGNAL TIMING FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRAFFIC SIGNAL TIMING PLANS. Items to be taught include: a) List the steps required to develop new timing plans. b) Explain how signals are grouped for analysis; timing and operations. c) Describe the process used to determine the number of timing plans needed. d) Describe the times of day for their use and understand the selection of measures of effectiveness and the manner in which they are collected.

2 – (May 21) – ADVANCED SIGNAL TIMING CONCEPTS. Items to be taught include: a) Define the different generations of traffic signal control. b) Describe the manner in which first generation (stored plan) systems operate. c) Explain how traffic responsive signal control operates. d) understand the conditions under which this mode of control provides more effective operation than time-of-day operation. e) understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of advanced signal control concepts (adaptive signal control)


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