Traffic Bowl

The Traffic Bowl is a competition featuring students competing against each other for scholarship money in a “Jeopardy!”-style answer/question format. The answers/questions are based on transportation and traffic related topics. The best and brightest students are chosen to represent KYSITE at the Southern District ITE (SDITE) Meeting each year. There, the students (as a team) compete against students from other Sections in SDITE for prize scholarship money.

This year, the exciting competition was held on April 2nd in Arlington, Virginia. Our fantastic team dominated the competition and won both rounds!! Pictured below is the team in the front row (from left to right: Austin Dunagan, Riana Tanzen, and Jawad Hoque) with other KYSITE members at the Traffic Bowl Competition.


In July, the team went on to the International ITE Traffic Bowl competition, where they came in second place. The second round team is pictured below: Freddy Lause, Fahmida Rahman, and Austin Dunagan. Join us in congratulating them! They’ve done a great job this season!!

traffic bowl team



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