Bike Webinar 2011

Topic: Designing Bicycle Facilities

Date / Time: 12:00 PM ET – 1:30 PM ET / Friday, February 4, 2011

Location: Phoenix Conference Room at 101 East Vine Street in Lexington, KY

Parking: Transit Center Garage or Annex Garage (email KYSITE for more information)

Food / Beverage: Pizza provided by KSPE / Drinks provided by KYSITE / Dessert provided by Bluegrass Branch of APWA

Cost: Free

PDH: Attendees will received 1.5 hours of continuing education.


More Details:

This webinar provides guidance on the best practices for designing a variety of bicycle facilities. Various treatments that have been implemented by public agencies to improve safety for bicyclists traveling on heavily traveled corridors in large urban areas will be discussed. Guidance will be provided on geometric design parameters for bicycle lanes, off-street bike paths and intersections. Signing and striping for bicycle facilities will be discussed, especially at locations where bicyclists have to cross heavily traveled streets and intersections.

Seminar Benefits:

· Learn how to design various types of bicycle facilities
· Gain a better understanding on the use of traffic control devices for bicycle traffic
· Learn best practices for handling bicycle traffic crossing major travel corridors
· Identify the best sources of information on designing bicycle facilities

Seminar Outline:

· Bicycle paths, lanes, routes
· Handling bicycles at intersections including signal timing for bicycles
· Mid-block crossings
· Bicycles at freeway ramps
· Bicycle boulevards, parking, and signs
· Railroad crossings
· Bicycles and mass transit facilities
· Special designs to accommodate bicycles


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