Fall Meeting 2007

The fall technical meeting will be held at 12:00 p.m. on October 25th at Northern Kentucky University. This location was selected to showcase the recently opened roundabout on NKU’s campus at the Intersection of Nunn Drive and University Drive. Technical presentations will be provided by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Central Office and District 6 staff on the current roundabout initiatives in District 6 as well as an update on the statewide roundabout policy. In addition, Brent Sweger will also present and discuss a recently completed small area study and explore the integration of transportation and land use planning. Please join us for this great meeting!

The meeting will be at University Suites Room 228 off of Campbell Drive on Campus. Cost will be $10/person and will include a boxed lunch. Please RSVP to akirk@engr.uky.edu by Monday Oct. 22 so that we may order food.

You may park in the Student Lots except Lot R (F, L, M, P, Q, U), or any Open Parking Lot on campus (A, G, K). We also have two parking garages available for a fee.  Tickets will be issued for flagrant violations such as parking in a handicapped spot without a handicapped tag, blocking aisles, parking in a reserved spot, Lot R, etc. Parking passes are required, please have each vehicle stop at the drive-up Information Booth on Nunn Drive for a temporary visitor permit.


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