One thought on “SDITE_2011_2982

  1. I am sorry you had a tough week, but then again glad you sought to do a bit of acehlmy and turn it to good :). I’m also glad you decided to take care of yourself. I learned the hard way that we MUST take the time to restore and replenish ourselves, our spirit, (on a daily basis if we can), before we get to that point of depletion. We are no good to anyone if we don’t also include ourselves in our love. I love how you took care of yourself :D, and how you found ways to express color in the mundane. Over the weekend I flew to the Chicago area for my daughter’s graduation from bootcamp, and saw Lake Michigan for the first time, and explored the area a bit, ( my last two blogs are about the trip :), taking all the new stuffs in. I love new experiences, finding expression within them, connecting to life and the living. Life is indeed precious, and I find I hunger to taste every last bit of it, from the quiet solitary experiences to the rich connections with others, reaching out, touching all of it, making love to my life, so by the end I can be standing licking my fingers and say, Wow, that was fantastic! Let’s do that ride again!

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