KYSITE is the Kentucky Section of Institute of Transportation Engineers, an organization of professionals that work in the field of transportation engineering and its related applications. KYSITE is part of the Southern District ITE (also known as ITE District 5), which includes nine states in the Southeastern portion of the United States, except Florida.KYSITE currently has approximately 119 members, which includes:
– 1 Fellow
– 6 Fellow Life
– 1 Fellow Retired
– 16 Member 10
– 16 Member
– 6 Member Life
– 1 Member Retired
– 30 Associates
– 33 Students
– 9 Esteemed Colleagues
The Executive Board of KYSITE consists of a President, Vice-President / Treasurer, Secretary, three Directors, and a Section Representative to the Southern District ITE.  Fall elections are held each year and the elected officers assume their duties from January through December.  All of the Past Presidents are listed in the Past Presidents Section of the web site.
Typically, KYSITE holds four meetings each year as well as Executive Board meetings to discuss business associated with KYSITE, District and ITE international activities along with committee reports. A picnic in September has become the Section’s annual social function and our Annual Meeting in late November or early December provides a setting to install officers and directors. Based on the KYSITE membership, the organization is allowed one Southern District ITE delegate.
Membership is open to transportation engineers and planners throughout the Commonwealth.  For more information about KYSITE / ITE offerings, click here.

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